Accused of a Crime?

While practicing Criminal Defense law, we have learned the most important tips that a person should know when they decide who they should hire if someone they know has been accused of a crime. The first and most important criteria is experience. Nothing is more important than experience and not just generalized experience. Nowadays, if you’re accused of a crime, you need a lawyer that dedicates part of their practice to defending people accused of crimes. It’s really not that complicated when you think of it.

If you had a problem with your brain, it wouldn’t be wise to go to a doctor that specialize in Dermatology because that doctor couldn’t help you very much. The same is true in law. A very important thing you should do before hiring a lawyer is check out Yelp, check out other rating systems for lawyers as well.

Another very important thing to consider in hiring a Criminal Defense attorney is how often does that lawyer defend people in the exact court where your case is pending. Every court has tough judges, has tough prosecutors and has liberal judges and liberal prosecutors. Of course, you want your loved one’s case to be handled by a judge that’s more liberal, not conservative, not a hanging judge. Well, when you hire a lawyer you need to ask them, “How much experience you have in this particular court?”

At our law firm, communication is number one. We are in touch with our clients and their families on a daily or regular basis, by email, by phone. We visit our clients in the jail when our clients are in custody as often as need be to make sure they are adequately represented. So before you hire a lawyer you want to really ask him/her, how will you communicate with us? Many Criminal Defense attorneys, unfortunately, will tell you anything they think you want to hear, so you pay them money and that is downright cruel, hurtful and wrong.

Do not hire a lawyer that guarantees you a result because that is against the law in Connecticut. What you want is a lawyer that will just tell you the truth. If you’re going to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent your loved one you need to know they are likely going to be many court appearances.

To properly defend someone accused of a serious crime you have to get to know the person in detail, their background, called their social history. You also have to get to know what happened, their version of the events in the case. The police are going to have one version in the police report but very often our clients and our client’s witnesses are going to have another version. You need to hire a law firm who wants to get that information from you quickly.

At Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC we require every single client to prepare their homework before we consider taking their case. We have to know their case as well as they do because we are the ones that are going to be representing them in court advocating for a dismissal, a not guilty or a plea bargain. We cannot do that without their homework and participation. Do not hire a lawyer if they do not ask you to do your homework very early in the case because it means they will not be prepared to properly represent you in court.

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