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At Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC., in West Haven, CT, our attorneys are a valuable resource to Connecticans in need of representation or counsel with legal issues, such as, the following: immigration & naturalization immigration; drug crime; DUI-DWI; car accident; motorcycle accident; truck accident; motor vehicle accident injury claims; wrongful death; medical malpractice; civil litigation; products liability injury claims; premises liability cases involving inadequate security or engineering defects and more.

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Abdul Abdurahman, Esq., Partner

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC was founded in May 2001 in West Haven, CT. Since then, we have been pursuing the idea of a trusting and close collaboration between both client and attorney.

In the past few years, we have specialized in a few specific areas of law. In this way, we can maintain a keen focus in the areas of immigration, criminal law, personal injury and civil litigation.

In addition to our expertise and professionalism, we have always attached great importance to individual support and legal advice since the inception of Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC. Our professional high-level of legal services is ensured by continuously obtaining certified training in the legal profession.

We see ourselves as your partner, who is always available to you and can help you with all minor and major problems regarding your daily life with professional competence.

Our lawyers represent private individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. The loyalty of many long-standing clients is delighted and confirmed. The trust we have shown in our clients is an incentive for us to continue to offer you a high-level of service.

Below, and on the following webpages, you will find additional detailed information about our lawyers, staff and our focus.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages. If you are looking for a lawyer in West Haven, Connecticut, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for visiting our website.

At Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC, we fulfill the needs of our clients efficiently and solution-oriented as well as with the highest quality and professionalism. The latter are guaranteed by the permanent training of our lawyers as well as our staff.

The strength of our team of highly qualified attorneys is the ability to effectively communicate and understand complex legal issues, which allows us to provide an efficient and result-oriented solution to the problems that arise. We, therefore, attach great importance to a comprehensive and well-founded education, whereby we enable and promote the deepening of individual areas of law.

In addition to the high demands on the quality and professionalism of our work, we attach great importance to teamwork and social skills. Ensuring the expected quality demands requires permanent further training, which we promote by giving our employees sufficient time to attend relevant seminars and training events. At the same time, we expect these opportunities to be used.

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC lawyers believe that top-notch lawyers and the necessary employment in the long term can only be provided if the private development possibilities of the employees are maintained alongside the profession. We, therefore, attach great importance to sufficient leisure time to foster family life, to participate in social life and to implement other interests and activities.

Our commitment is to understand the clients as the center of our consulting. For this reason, we attach particular importance to an understandable explanation of the legal situation and appreciative handling, the look always directed at a reliable consultation. We see ourselves as a service provider! In urgent cases, you will be given the opportunity to meet in 48 hours.

We offer comprehensive legal advice, representation against third parties and authorities up to the representation in all courts, in doing so, we put special emphasis on trust and good accessibility – the foundation of successful cooperation.

The provision of our professional services is presided over by the highest levels of quality to give our clients the most appropriate and effective solution.

This requirement commitment to quality requires that all professionals of Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC pay the utmost attention to their permanent training, both legal and personal. The provision to both our clients and members of the office of the most advanced technological communication systems allows the solving of problems in real time, giving confidence, agility and effectiveness to our legal advice.

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC has the most rigorous internal norms and procedures, which ensures the highest quality in the provision of our services, being at the forefront of assuming as many techniques and regulations to improve our controls.

We have helped many of our clients identify the best approach to visa, immigration and naturalization so that they achieve their goals through complex legislation, regulations and requirements.

A close and individual support to our clients is important to our team and has shown in the past that this is worthwhile for both sides. The co-operation that we have consistently developed between the client and our lawyers are, in our opinion and experience, a great contribution to the successful completion of their legal issues.

We always have and will continue to strive to keep our clients up-to-date with new results. Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC will continue to be at your disposal for any questions you may have and will also provide you with trustworthy legal advice.

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC Law is committed to providing professional legal services, in a responsible, honest, efficient, and with a high degree of prestige, equity and justice, generating solutions and reliable alternatives for our clients.

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC has made a name for itself in the field of legal services with respect to immigration, criminal law, personal injury and civil litigation.

With our knowledge and experience, we are able to master both simple and challenging legal problems in the dynamics of today’s society.

With our personal and solution-oriented approach, we envision our team continuing to achieve the best results for you. Support us and our vision – as a client or as a member of our team! A strong client law firm creates more justice for all – we are strong for you.

Our goal is to become West Haven’s strongest law firm for the rights of individuals who are faced with immigration, criminal law, personal injury and civil law issues by 2022.

For every detailed problem within these legal areas, the expert for the rights of individuals should come from our team.

Bausch Abdurahman & Associates, LLC wants to be the central point of contact for individual rights in West Haven, CT. We also want to continue to exemplify our values in our dealings with our clients – transparency, competence and consistency – for the entire legal consulting sector. In dealing with our clients, employees as well as opponents, we are always fair and respectful.

We are on the right track and we are firmly focused on the goal – a top class law firm that ensures the rights of our clients.

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Services Offered

Immigration Law
Whether you are seeking to obtain a temporary or permanent residency status (i.e., green card), require assistance with a non-immigrant visa for your fiancé (i.e., K1 visa), or are dealing with deportation and removal, our immigration & naturalization legal professionals can advise and assistance you. We also represent companies who are seeking to secure temporary visa status for its international employees via H-1B visas.
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Civil Litigation
Regardless of whether you are filing a civil suit (i.e., plaintiff) or perhaps being sued (i.e., defendant) or need to appeal a prior judgment, our litigation and appeals attorneys can assist. Our litigation & appeals attorneys manage a wide range of disputes arising in business and personal circumstances. Employ our litigation and appeals attorney to guide you throughout all stages of a lawsuit (i.e., from pre-trial through the appeal proceedings).
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Personal Injury Law
If you or someone you know have endured an accident or injury, our personal injury attorneys can assist you. Our personal injury attorneys manage cases involving bodily injuries — like catastrophic injuries, back injuries and neck injuries — and nonphysical injuries — such as emotional distress. Employ our personal injury attorneys to resolve issues such as economic compensation for health-related expenses or wrongful death.
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Criminal Law
Regardless of whether you have been arrested or even charged for a crime against a person (e.g., like manslaughter, battery or assault), a crime against property (e.g., like embezzlement, theft, or arson), or any other criminal offense, our criminal defense lawyer can assist. Employ our criminal law lawyers to protect your legal rights at every stage of a misdemeanor or felony case — from an arrest to an appeal if convicted.
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